What This Blog Is

I think one of the problems with this blog is (apart from the lack of visitors) is that I’ve had no idea what it really is. So I sat down and I thought (really, I was doing the dishes and it was a second’s thought). This should be a blog about my writing ‘journey’ (reality television has ruined that word).

I’ve no idea how it will work. I’ve no doubt that personal stuff will filter in. Hopefully, at first, it will be a blog following my journey from writing a story to getting it published, either traditionally or self-published.

This is the perfect time to start afresh because this morning I finished writing the first draft of a story and tomorrow I will rifle through my idea draw and come up with something new to write. There have been a few ideas set aside to brew while I finished this story (I like to work on one thing at a time).

At the same time I am editing other stuff with the intention of following through with getting them published. So, I guess we will see what happens. If anything. This might devolve again.

What to expect:

  • Me talking about what writing I have done that week, how it has made me felt.
  • Things that affect my writing (like looking for work, joint problems).
  • How many publishers and agents I have sent out too (and what response I get).
  • Articles, online and not, that have interested me, in relation to writing.
  • Blabbling about books that I’ve read and loved.
  • One short story a month (probably unedited).
  • Other stuff I haven’t thought of yet as related to my writing.


Perhaps none of that. Perhaps I will forget to do it. Who knows?


Reading Challenge

One of the most common bits of advice authors give out when asked how to become a good writer is that you should be reading. You should read a lot. Now, I’ve never understood people who like to write but hate to read, but they exist. I love to read. I read at least one book a week. The more I write the less I read, but that’s because the time is being swapped about.

This year I’ve challenged myself to take a world tour of books. I want to read 52 books from 52 different countries. I would like to spread the love evenly between the continents, except for Australia of course. Australia, England, and the US are not included. NZ I’ve kept on the list because I haven’t read many books from there.

The love is starting with Scandinavia, which feels like a bit of a cheat. Unfortunately¬† my library only has three of John Ajvide Lindqvist’s books, all of which I’ve read, so I won’t be using him to fill the Swedish slot.

I’ll keep updating where I’ve traveled to on this blog.

What, if any, are your reading challenges?