Stella Maris, Music as Language and Poetry

Stella Maris is one of my favourite songs. It is in no way indicative of my musical taste, but there is so much I love about it. It is easy to sing along to, it’s catchy. But best of all it tells a great story.

Du trumst mich ich dich
Keine Angst ich weck’ dich nicht
Bevor du nicht von selbs erwachst
bitte, bitte wech’ mich nicht
solang ich trum’ nur gibt es dich…

(You dream me, I you
Don’t worry, I won’t wake you
Before you wake up yourself
Please, please don’t wake me
Only as long as I dream do you exist…)

Music is poetry. Music was the first language, the most natural language. The right song can create memories, bring them back, make you feel things that you didn’t realise that you felt. They can tell stories. Like the stories of lovers lost in dreams, lovers right there beside you. They can tell stories of war, of jealousy, of anything that you please. Sometimes they can just be for fun. Sometimes they get stuck in your head on repeat.

As Nietzsche said (yeah, I just went there), “Without music, life would be a mistake.”



One thought on “Stella Maris, Music as Language and Poetry

  1. Stella Maris is a beautiful song. It really is poetry. It makes you feel like you’re floating when you listen too it!


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