First Rejection

When I decided to send my writing out to publishers and the likes I knew that I would be facing rejection. In my dreams I imagined they would all be like “this is totally awesome and we’ve got to have it” but, you know, reality.

As far as rejections go, it was a nice one to have first because it was really friendly. It softened the blow a little. I won’t name names. I sent out to this publisher because after a little research (though clearly not enough into their catalogues) I learned they were one of the ones that authors like to work for/with. They have a really good reputation. The way they handle rejections goes a way to confirm that for me.

I don’t think there is much more I can say on this. Getting rejected still sucks, though at least the first one is out of the way. I’ve got the shakes a little (that could be sugar withdrawal because I just went on a diet), but that’s it.

I suppose there is one big difference to how I feel about this now to how I felt about rejection once upon a time – I write because I love to. Even if I never get traditionally published I can still write.

For now I am going to stomp around the house until I find something full of sugar and caffeine, then complain because I can’t have it.