My name is Samantha and I am a writer.

I’m not published, although that is part of the five year plan (which began six years ago_). I write because I love to write, because it makes me happy. There’s a gaggle of characters in my head and they need homes, to have their stories told. If you see me staring off into space it’s because I’m walking the moon with one of them.

What do I write? That’s not a tough one to answer – I write what I read, and by that I mean everything (except maybe Westerns). I lean heavily towards horror and science fiction, but I also write modern literature, thrillers, and even fantasy.

Where can you find my books? Nowhere, I’ve already said that. Hopefully that will change.

Who are my favourite authors? So many, so many. But to start with: John Christopher, John Wyndham, Stephen KingPhil Rickman, Kurt Vonnegut… the list could go on and on.

My favourite movies? Again, so many. But you really should watch Take Shelter. Seriously, go watch it now.

Anything else? Well yeah, of course. Because writing isn’t making me money and I’m not a heiress I am currently looking for work. Until then I spend my days looking for work and treating writing like it’s a job. I have the best neighbour ever. Idris Elba is hot (hang on, everyone should already know that one). Timothy Omundson, with a beard, is perfection.

And? Pine trees also make me happy, along with cats, fog, thunder and rain. I’ve had Sinner Man stuck in my head since seeing it on Lucifer the other night. And there is a cat sitting on my left foot right now.

Anything else that you should know? Yeah. I can’t own pleather furniture because one of my cats likes to eat it.


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